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So, what's your favorite wine?

This is a question everyone in the wine profession is asked on a daily basis. While we all tend to have our favorites in a broad sense, this question is a tricky one as people want to hear a specific wine. No one wants to hear, well, it depends. Depends on what? Depends on what I'm eating, depends on who I'm with, depends on the temperature of the day and so many other "depends". There are so many amazing wines available I'd hate to narrow my choices to just one or two.

Our palates also change over the years so what we may prefer today we're not too fond of tomorrow. Don't get locked into one area of wine! Anytime you have the chance to try a new wine, try it! Too often I'll hear "Oh, I know I don't like sweet/white/red whatever the category. Try it! You may find with the right food pairing that that wine is not in the running for your "Wines I Like" list.

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